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Bermudian board (ATLIX)

Jeffrey Conyers, Non-Executive, Independent Chairman

BA (Toronto)


Bermuda-based Director since establishment on 16 December 2009.

Jeffrey Conyers is the Chairman of the Board of ATLIX and Chairman of the ATLIX Nomination and Governance Committee. Jeffrey is also a member of the ATLIX Audit and Risk Committee and the ATLIX People and Remuneration Committee.

He is also a Director of numerous companies in Bermuda and is the former Chief Executive Officer of First Bermuda Securities Limited, which provides advisory and execution services on worldwide offshore mutual funds to individuals and local companies based in Bermuda.

Jeffrey began his professional career as a stockbroker in Toronto and returned to Bermuda in 1985 to join the Bank of Bermuda, where his focus was investments and trusts. He was a founding member, and remains a member, of the Council of the Bermuda Stock Exchange.

Jeffrey has previously served on the boards of MAp Airports International Limited and Intoll International Limited, parts of the previously Macquarie-managed and ASX-listed vehicles MAp Group and Intoll Group respectively.

Debbie Goodin, Non-Executive, Independent Chairman



Chairman of ATLAX and Director of ATLIX from 1 November 2020, Director of ATLAX from 1 September 2017.

Debbie Goodin is currently Chair of ATLAX and the ATLAX Nomination and Governance Committee as well as a member of the ATLAX Audit and Risk Committee and the ATLAX People and Remuneration Committee. Debbie is also a Director of the ATLIX Board and a member of the ATLIX Audit and Risk Committee, ATLIX Nomination and Governance Committee and the ATLIX People and Remuneration Committee.

Debbie is an experienced Non-executive Director and Chair of both listed and unlisted corporates. Debbie is currently a Non-executive Director and Audit and Risk Management Committee Chair of the APA Group.

In addition to her Non-executive Director career, Debbie has over 20 years’ senior management experience with professional services firms, government authorities and ASX-listed companies across a broad range of industries and service areas.

Debbie was formerly on the boards of Senex Energy Limited, TEN Network Holdings, Ooh! Media Limited, Australian Pacific Airports Corporation Limited, Beyond Bank Australia, Citywest Water Corporation, Mount Hotham Resort Management Board, Doutta Galla Aged Care Services and the Breast Cancer Network Australia. She has also served as a member of the Strategic Finance and IT Committee for the Royal Women’s Hospital.

Fiona Beck, Non-Executive Independent Director

BMS(Hons) Waikato (NZ), CA 


Bermuda-based Director from 13 September 2019.

Fiona Beck is an Independent Non-Executive Director of ATLIX and Chair of the ATLIX People and Remuneration Committee. Fiona is also a member of the ATLIX Nomination and Governance Committee. 

She is also a Director of the Bermuda Business Development Agency working in the technology space. Fiona is a Director of Ocean Wilsons Holding Ltd, a Bermuda based investment company that operates as a maritime services and port concessions company in Brazil.  She is a Director of IBEX Ltd, a technology based company utilising artificial intelligence.  She is also a Director of Oakley Capital Investments Ltd, a private equity firm with a portfolio of Technology investments, Education (with an online presence) and a Consumer presence.

Fiona is a Chartered Accountant and her wealth of business and governance experience comes from holding senior executive and governance positions in large infrastructure companies. She was the President and CEO for 14 years of Southern Cross Cable Network, a submarine fibreoptic cable company connecting New Zealand and Australia to the USA. Her experience provides strategic insights particularly in technology, cyber security, data analysis, and infrastructure asset management in a global environment

Caroline Foulger, Non-Executive, Independent Director

BA (University of London), FCA (UK), CA (Bermuda)


Bermuda-based Director from 19 May 2020.

Caroline Foulger is an Independent Non-Executive Director of ATLIX and Chair of the ATLIX Audit and Risk Committee. Caroline is also a member of the ALTIX Nomination and Governance Committee.

Caroline has extensive board and executive experience in the financial services sector with a particular focus on insurance and advisory services. She is a Chartered Accountant having spent the bulk of her executive career with PwC where she was a partner for twelve years (retiring in 2012), leading the insurance practice in Bermuda.

Caroline served in 2017 as a member of the Blue Ribbon Committee regarding the feasibility and financing of a new Bermuda Airport which has subsequently been constructed and is now operational.

Caroline currently serves as a Non-executive Director and Chair of Oakley Capital Investments Limited, Ocean Wilsons Holdings Ltd and Mosaic Insurance and is a Non-executive Director of Catalina Holdings.

Andrew Cook, Non-Executive, Independent Director

BA (UWO), CPA (Ontario)


Bermuda-based Director from 26 November 2020.

Andrew Cook is an Independent Non-Executive Director of ATLIX. Andrew is also a member of the ATLIX People and Remuneration Committee, the ATLIX Nomination and Governance Committee, and the ATLIX Audit and Risk Committee.

He currently serv  es as a Non-Executive Director and Chair of OmegaCat Reinsurance Ltd and as a Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Compensation Committee at Global Partner Acquisition Group II.  Andrew is also a Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee at Aspida Re (Bermuda) Ltd.  

Andrew has extensive executive, financial, operational and capital market experience.  In his executive career he was the founding CFO of several organisations, overseeing the development and growth of accounting, finance, treasury and investor relations departments. He also has a proven track record of bringing private companies to the public markets having lead successful IPO’s at LaSalle Re, Axis Capital and Global Partner Acquisition Corp.

Most recently Andrew was the Chief Executive Officer of GreyCastle Life Reinsurance, a Bermuda based entity that participated in the life reinsurance run-off space. Andrew was also previously on the boards of Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings Limited and GreyCastle Life Reinsurance (SAC) Ltd.

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